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About El Claroscuro

Hello, I am Vicente Porfilio, responsible for EL CLAROSCURO. El Claroscuro means chiaroscuro, that is a lighting technique that has inspired me so much that it has become my hallmark, and the name of this wonderful project.

You have a message…

How was El Claroscuro born?

The idea of El Claroscuro arose in a difficult time, but in reality it was born from love and commitment. The seed of this project is love.

It was born from wanting to help – combining my experience and knowledge in the world of lighting and professional cinema – and making it available to whoever appreciates it. Because any audiovisual project improves a lot if it breathes cinema, because cinematography is the tool created to tell stories visually.

We have a mission

You don’t have to be a film director to have your own film or to be a bourgeois to have your pictorial portrait. And you don’t need a team of 100 people or to live in New York to make a photo or audiovisual project cinematic.

The most important thing you need is to have someone close by who knows how to look through a camera. And that’s where EL CLAROSCURO comes in. Our mission is to improve people’s image, and it doesn’t matter if they are normal or extraordinary people.

Why do we do it?

You all have the need to tell your story, or a story. And we love telling your stories in a cinematic way. Because we like more how life is seen through the camera.

Inspirations and references

Our main references and sources of inspiration are originally the chiaroscuro masters Caravaggio, DaVinci and Rembrandt. We also highlight José Benlliure Gil, a Valencian painter of manners who made truly spectacular use of chiaroscuro in some of his works.

We also have our references in the world of cinematography. Roger Deakins or Tom Stern in terms of cinematographers. And having film directors like Clint Eastwood or Wong Kar-Wai as a reference helps us tell your story.

The gear

We use professional equipment and techniques used every day in audiovisual projects. We can make projects whose destination is theaters (real 4K for the big screen), streaming platforms, etc. In fact, our usual camera (Sony FX6 Cinema Line) is approved to be used in projects for platforms such as Netflix or Prime. Anyway, we use the appropriate technical equipment according to the size and purpose of your project.

Some secrets

We invite you to visit our blog, as we reveal some of our secrets, you will get to know us even more if possible and you will discover the way in which we understand our profession. Read blog.

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