We create ORIGINAL works, whether photographic, videographic or cinematographic projects. These works are copyrighted by the owner of EL CLAROSCURO, and are protected by the intellectual property law (TRLPI).

The user and/or visitor of this website agrees to respect the Intellectual Property rights of the website and its owner.

By virtue of the provisions of articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Property Law, reproduction, copying, distribution, commercialization and public and/or private communication, including the method of making it available, are expressly prohibited. provision of all or part of the contents of this website, on any medium and by any technical means, without the authorization of the owner (El Claroscuro).


Our clients, that is, the people, groups or entities photographed and/or filmed by El Claroscuro are authorized to publish and reproduce – under the terms agreed upon by both parties – the corresponding works. In no case does this authorization eliminate our authorship nor does it allow us to commercialize our rights as authors.

The music of our videos and films

At El Claroscuro we have a license on Artlist and Morning light Music for the use of quality professional music (royalty-free) with authorization for commercial use. This music is what we use in the videos and audiovisual documents we create for our clients. Therefore the copyright of these music is respected.

Music films

In the case of the music videos that we make, it is our clients who provide the musical themes (including the lyrics and arrangements, if any). It is our clients who have – or could have – the corresponding copyrights and/or copyrights of these songs, arrangements or music.

We, of course, have the copyright of the images that make up the video clip, as well as the covers and frames that can be extracted from them.

How to use our images or videos?

Our work is done for our clients, that is, they are third parties, groups or entities. Therefore, in order to use these works (whatever the format and/or support), the corresponding license is necessary, our authorization as authors of the works and, depending on the work, also the authorization of the people, entities, companies or groups that appear in it.

Therefore, it is essential that you request authorization by contacting us.

The people, groups or entities that obtain our license and/or authorization will have to visibly indicate the ownership of the work, or works, through texts or writings that indicate it, and/or links and tagging on social networks and websites. These texts and links must refer to “El Claroscuro” as the author and owner of the rights and image.

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